Four reasons to invest in commercial grade refrigeration

If you own a café or a restaurant, you probably already know how important refrigeration is. It allows you to store food for a long time in a hygienic place, helping your business to save money over time. But should you be using normal refrigeration, or commercial grade refrigeration?

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Commercial grade refrigeration is normally the best option for a few reasons and so here are four reasons to invest in commercial grade refrigeration.

Helps to reduce food waste

One of the main benefits of commercial grade refrigeration is that it helps to reduce food waste. This is because they are very efficient, so they will keep the food in an excellent condition for as long as possible. After all, if the fridge is the wrong temperature the food is will deteriorate quickly, but you can easily alter the temperature of a commercial grade fridge to preserve your food for as long as possible.

Easy to clean

Commercial grade fridges are also easier to clean than normal fridges. This is because they need to be cleaned on a near daily basis, so they are designed for deep cleaning, and if you do clean it regularly, the fridge could last for up to 17 years –

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They have large compressors

A commercial grade fridge also has a large compressor. This is used to create a low temperature; it moves the gas through the pipes in the fridge, helping it to stay cool even if it is opened regularly. This is very useful if you open your fridge throughout the day, as it means that it won’t get too warm inside.

They have strong hinges

Commercial fridges also have stronger hinges than domestic fridges. This means that the fridges are stronger and more durable, which is very useful if the fridge is used regularly. After all, a domestic fridge is only opened a few times a day, so the hinges don’t need to be as strong but if you are using a domestic fridge in a professional kitchen, the hinges may not be able to handle the daily pressure. So if you use the fridge constantly throughout the day, a commercial grade fridge is probably the best option for you.

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